Aadhaar Address Update Online, Photo, Mobile Number Update

Aadhaar is a mandatory document for Every Indian Citizen now. And updating the Address details in Aadhaar is now simple with Online Portal.

Now we can update the Address online with a simple procedure and we are going to see about the procedure here. And also includes the procedure to update the Mobile and Photo in Aadhaar is updated here.

Aadhaar Address Update Online, Photo, Mobile Number Update

What is Aadhaar

Aadhaar is nothing but a Proof of Identity for Indian citizens where this document is mandatory now in many ways.

This proof is used to identify you as an Indian and also this document is called as Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Unique 12 Digit number is used in the Aadhaar ID where this Number is different for everyone which is stored in a database with the ID.

Use of Aadhaar

Aadhaar is useful for many purposes because every person’s Fingerprint is registered using this UIDAI Number in the database.

If Police or some other person requires to know the owner of the Fingerprint, then they can validate it using this UIDAI number

In this case, where every person’s Fingerprint is registered under UIDAI can show the data of the person’s fingerprint.

How to Update Address Online (Aadhaar)

To update the Address in Aadhaar document, visit the following link: Aadhaar Address update Online

Once you visit the above link, you will get the below page where you have to fill the mandatory details.

How to Update Address Online (Aadhaar)

As per the above image, you had to fill the following details to update the details online.

  • Enter your 12 Digit Aadhaar Number
  • Captcha Verification
  • Click on Send OTP
  • You can also Enter TOTP if you had which is on the mAadhaar app.

Once you enter the OTP received on your number then you can click on Login to enter into the self-service portal.

In the Self Service portal, you can update the following details

  • Address

Once you choose to update the Address details, you had to fill the Exact New Address which needs to be updated.

You will get the regional language of your state on the right side as well to modify the details in the regional language.

Once the Changes, which you requested are over, you had to click on proceed to move to the Next page.

Uploading Support Documents for Aadhaar Update

Once you fill the New Address details, you had to upload the Support proof of documents which will be verified online and permission will be provided.

Uploading Support Documents for Aadhaar Update

Note: Documents which you are trying to upload should be less than 2 MB file Size and supports format jpg, pdf, tiff, jpeg, and png.

Once you upload the documents, click on Submit to Move to the BPO service provider page.

Uploading Support Documents for Aadhaar Update

These service providers are the validators for the documents which we upload in the portal.

The team will verify the documents and the Adress mentioned in the portal and approve based on it.

Updating Aadhaar Photo, Mobile Number

Aadhaar Photo and Mobile Number update through online are not active right now due to security reasons.

This is because some of the persons may upload the illegal photo or Mobile number to steal the data.

Mobile Number Update possible through the Aadhaar Enrolment centers nearby, more info on below link

Aadhaar Enrollment Centre

So you can visit the Aadhaar Enrollment center nearby and get the photo and Mobile Number updated with valid proofs.

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This the idea to update the Aadhaar address details online and the idea for Photo, Mobile Number Update.

And you can comment if you had any queries related to the Aadhaar update.

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