How to Apply Agricultural Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu

In this topic, we are going to see “How to Apply Agricultural Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu” which is a completely online process.

This online facility is more useful to the people who had no time to visit Taluk or Government office.

How to Apply Agricultural Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu

What is Agricultural Income Certificate?

This certificate is provided to the farmers based on the Agricultural Income for the financial year.

And also this certificate will be used to avail subsidy and crop loans offered by Government. It is provided by Deputy Tahsildar or particular Taluk.

Apply Agricultural Income Certificate

To apply for Agricultural Income Certificate, First visit the following TNeGA official Portal: TNeGA Login

Once you visit the above link, you will be able to see below login page where you have to log in with your details

How to Apply Agricultural Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu

If you are a new User and requires to know about the Procedure to create an account, check the following link: How to Register CAN Number – CAN Registration, Modification Online

Once you login to your account in the portal, you will see the following page where you should choose the “Revenue Department”.

How to Apply Agricultural Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu

Choose “Agricultural Income Certificate” from the list as per below-mentioned screenshot


Supporting Documents

Below are the Supporting documents required for applying the Agricultural Income Certificate.

  1. Photo
  2. Any Address Proof
  3. Last One Year Adangal
  4. Self-Declaration of Applicant
  5. Chitta
  6. Proof of Lease (NOC from the Landholder)
  7. Other Documents

Application Form

When you select the “Agricultural Income Certificate”, you will see the below procedures to apply for it.

Application Procedure

Once you read the instructions, select proceed to get into the CAN Registration page as per below

CAN Details

Search the CAN number using Mobile Number/Email-ID or through Name and select your Exact CAN number.

Once you found the CAN, you can verify it with your Mobile Number with OTP and proceed for the Application page.

In the application form, your address details will be filled automatically using the CAN details, only the following page need to be filled.

Annual Income and Family Details

Below Page contains the form to fill the details about the Income and the Family as per below screenshot.

How to Apply Agricultural Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu

Annual Income of the last 1 fasli year. 
From Year-To Year
Enter the Total Annual Income of the Financial Year
Agricultural IncomeAgricultural Income from the Total income should be in this column

Application Details

NameDetails of Family Members – Enter the name of the person
பெயர்Enter the Name in Tamil
Date of BirthEnter the DOB of the person
SexChoose the gender from the drop-down box
RelationshipSelect the relationship of the person to the Family
ProfessionSelect the profession of the person in the column
District / மாவட்டம்Choose the District in this column
Taluk / வட்டம்Select the Taluk of the District in which the person belongs to
Revenue Village / கிராமம்Select the Revenue Village in which you part of
Land TypeSelect the Land type either Wetland or Dry type
Survey No.Enter the Survey No. of the Land
Patta No.Enter the Patta No. To know the Patta No read the article TN Patta Chitta Download Online – Tamil Nadu Online Services
Land Area (in Hectares)Total Area of the Land needs to be entered in Hectares
Land Area (in Acres)Enter the Details of Land in Acres
Guideline Value (Rs.)Value of the Land in Rupees
RemarksEnter the Remark if you had any
CropEnter the Crop details in this column
Crops cultivated with yieldEnter which Crop cultivated in the Land
Type of OwnershipSelect the ownership either Landholder or Lease
Enjoyment of Land TypeSelect from the dropdown whether Single Owner or Joint owner of Land if you selected Landholder
Total Land Area (in Acres)Enter the Total Land area in Acres
SubmitClick on Submit Button once you selected all the Details

Once uploaded the documents, pay the amount of Rs.60 and download the Acknowledgement form which can be used for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much the cost of Application?

Application cost Rs.60 and there are no other charges

Did we required to visit Taluk Office?

No, you don’t require to visit the Taluk office or VAO office to get the certificate, this is a complete online facility.

Can we download a Certificate online?

Yes, you can download the Certificate online through the link by providing Application Acknowledgment Number – Download Certificate

How Many days will it take to provide the Certificate?

It will take up to 1 week for the process of your Application which will go several Approvals

What to do if the Application is rejected?

You will receive a message in your Mobile Number and you can go the returned application in the TnEsevai portal.

And can reapply for the application by making the changes according to the comments stated in a rejected application.

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