How to Apply for Curfew/Individual ePass in Maharashtra and Pune

In this topic, we are going to see “How to Apply for Curfew/Individual ePass in Maharashtra and Pune” during this lockdown period COVID- 19 in India.

ePass is mandatory for individual or Vehicle movement from one location to another location.

And this ePass can be applied easily from the online portal introduced by Government and also Pass can be downloaded online without moving to any specific location.

How to Apply for Curfew/Individual ePass in Maharashtra and Pune

Apply Procedure for ePass in Maharashtra

To apply for Individual/Curfew Movement pass in Maharastra, first visit the following link: Maharastra Individual Pass

Once you visit the above link, you will be redirected to below page to fill the necessary details

How to Apply for Curfew/Individual ePass in Maharashtra and Pune

Details of Application

Details which are needed to be filled are given below with clear details, so kindly follow the same while filling the application

District/police CommissionerSelect your District from the dropdown list
NameEnter your name in this column
Essential Services TypesSelect the required type of Services
Vehicle NumberEnter your Vehicle Number on which you preferred to travel
MobileEnter your Mobile Number in this column
E-MailE-Mail Address needs to be entered in this column
FromSelect the Source location from where you start the travel
ToEnter the Destination City details in which you need to travel
Essential Service Reasons / PurposeEnter the Purpose/reason for travel
AddressEnter the Address detail of yours
Vehicle TypeEnter the vehicle type either Two Wheeler/Four Wheeler
Travel Start LocationEnter the Source location from where you start the travel
Last trip toEnter the destination details until where you travel
Number of TravelersSelect the number of travelers along with you, maximum can be 2
Do You Have a Home Quarantined Stamp?If you have a quarantine Stamp registered in your Hand Select yes otherwise choose No
Do you have any criminal offenses?If you have any criminal offense against you choose accordingly.

Photos and Documents

Once you had filled the above details of the application, you required to attach the document and Photo as per below page

Photos and Documents

  • Attach your Photo
  • Relevant document also need to be attached as per the reason for Essential travel

Once you had filled the details, click on submit, once submitted, you can track the application status from the below link

Individual Pass Status/Download – To download or View status of your Curfew/Individual pass of your application

Apply for Curfew/Individual Pass in Pune

To apply for the individual pass in Pune location, follow the link Apply here

Once you click on the above link, you will be redirected to the below page to proceed with the application

How to Apply for Curfew/Individual ePass in Maharashtra and Pune

ReasonEnter the reason for your travel in this column
Full NameEnter your Full name in this section
Mobile No. 
(Mobile number) 
WhatsApp number
is preferred
Enter your Mobile No which is used for Verification purposes and WhatsApp number is preferred
Aadhar Card Number Enter your Aadhar Card number in this section
Vehicle No. 
(Vehicle number)
Enter your Vehicle Number in this Column
From Date Choose the Date on which you preferred to start your travel
To Date Choose the date until when you required to pass
From LocationChoose the location of your source
To LocationChoose the Destination location which you want to travel
Remarks / Problem Description (Additional Information) 

We will not be able to entertain your request if the necessary information is not provided.
Reason for travel needs to be mentioned clearly which is mandatory for the approval of pass

Once you enter all the details, click on Submit to send the application to the approval process.

Once the application is approved, you may receive an SMS on your mobile in which the download link of ePass link will be shared

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here we are listing out some of the frequently asked questions in applying for the curfew/Individual ePass

Is there any charge to apply for the ePass?

No there is no charge to apply for the pass

How many days will it take for the approval?

There is no specific ETA for the process of application, it will be approved based on priority.

Can I Download the ePass online?

Yes, you can download the Pass online once it is approved

How many days will the pass valid?

It is valid as per the date you selected in the Application

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This is the topic which involves on “How to Apply for Curfew/Individual ePass in Maharashtra and Pune” which is completely an online process

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