How to Apply for Learner’s License/LLR through Online – Download LLR

In this topic, we are going to see “How to Apply for Learner’s License/LLR through Online – Download LLR” and this will reduce the work of one’s visit to the RTO office and spending a lot more money.

Learner’s License is a must in applying for License in any State in India and application will be available online, so any person can apply for the same.

How to Apply for Learner's License/LLR through Online - Download LLR

What is Learner’s License?

Learner’s License is a temporary license provided for the citizens who are looking for a Permanent License to be availed in the State.

This temporary license is valid for 6 months and one can apply for Permanent license only after 1 month from the issue of Learners’ License.

Applying Process for Learner’s License

To apply for the Temporary License, First, visit the Link: Learners’ license Apply Online

Once you visit the above link, you will be getting the below page with Various Services.

Apply for Learner's License

Choose “Online Services —-> Driving License Related Services then you will be forwarded to the below page or you can click here to redirect to the page.

Apply for Learner's License

Choose the Stae from the Dropdown list to proceed to services offered from the specific Sate to Apply for the Learner’s License.

For Example, I had chosen the State “TamilNadu” and you will get redirected to the below page where you had to choose “Apply Online – New Learner’s License” which is highlighted.

Apply for Learner's License

Instructions for Applying for Learner’s License

The below mentioned are the instructions/Stages in applying for the License Online

Apply for Learner's License
  • Fill Applicant Details
  • Upload Documents
  • Upload Photo and Signature
  • LL Test Slot Booking
  • Payment of Fee

Once you read the above stages, you can click on Continue to proceed for the application form.

Application for Learners’ license

As per the below page, you had to choose appropriate choice in applying for the Learner’s License

Apply for Learner's License
  • Applicant does not hold Driving/ Learner Licence

Choose the First option to proceed in applying for a fresh Temporary License

How to Apply for Learner's License/LLR through Online - Download LLR

And you had to fill the above details as per the document and this will include the below

StateChoose the State from the Drop Down List
RTO OfficeChoose the RTO office near your location
PincodeEnter your Pincode of the location
Name of the ApplicantEnter your name in this column
RelationSelect your Relation Father/Mother and enter their Name Details
Full Name as Per RecordsEnter your Full Name as per the Records which is in Aadhaar
GenderChoose your Gender
Place of BirthEnter the Place name where you born
Date of BirthEnter the Date of Birth in this column
AgeEnter your Age in this Column
Country of BirthChoose the country where you born
QualificationChoose your Education Qualification
Blood GroupEnter your Blood group in this column
Phone NumberEnter your Phone Number in this Column
E-Mail IDEnter your verified E-Mail ID
Mobile NumberEnter your Mobile Number which should be a correct one
Emergency Mobile NumberEmergency mobile number which can either of your Father/Mother Mobile Number
Identification marks 1Enter your Identification Mark in this column which can be any of the Scar or Mole in your body
Identification marks 2In this column, you had to enter the one more Identification mark

Address Details

Enter your Present and Permanent address in this section as per the below image

How to Apply for Learner's License/LLR through Online - Download LLR

Vehicle Details

And the Vehicle Details need to be entered in this column which consists of below

  • Select Class of Vehicles
  • LL details
  • DL Details
  • Biometrics
How to Apply for Learner's License/LLR through Online - Download LLR

Read the instructions carefully which is shown in the above image before submitting the application.

And Click on Submit the application to proceed for the upload of your Photo, Signature and Supporting Documents.

And the last stage is the payment of Fees which costs Rs. 230 for Single Class Vehicle and Rs.380 for Double Class Vehicle and this amount can be paid online.

You can download the Learner’s License Online once the payment of the amount is done for the application.

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This is the process that involves “How to Apply for Learner’s License/LLR through Online – Download LLR”

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