How to Apply for Ration/Smart Card Online in Tamil Nadu

In this topic, we are going to see “How to Apply for Ration/Smart Card Online in Tamil Nadu” and also it includes the step by step process of application.

Smart Card is necessary for all the family citizens to avail the Goods offered by the Government at low prices.

It includes the steps to avail of the services online and also more important information regarding the same.

How to Apply for Ration/Smart Card Online in Tamil Nadu

What is Smart/Ration Card

Ration or Smart card is an official authentication proof for the citizen in Tamil Nadu to avail of the various services offered by the Government.

This Smart card also used as an Identity proof which consists of all the Famil Members data included.

Apply for Smart/Ration Card

To apply for a new Smart Card, kindly follow the below steps which consist of Name, Address and other important details

First Visit the below link to get apply for Smart/Ration Card Application Form: Apply Online Smart Card

How to Apply for Ration/Smart Card Online in Tamil Nadu

Smart Card Application consists of the below details which are the main importance in the application.

Name of Family HeadEnter the Family Head Name in this column
குடும்ப தலைவர் பெயர் (தமிழில் மட்டும்)Famil Head name needs to be entered in Tamil
Father’s / Husband’sFather/husband Name of the Famil Head need to be entered in this column
தந்தை / கணவர் பெயர் (தமிழில் மட்டும்)Details of Husband/Father name in Tamil
Address Line 1Address details of the Family Head in this column
முகவரி வரி 1 (தமிழில் மட்டும்)1st part of address need to fill in the column
Address Line 22nd Part of Family Head address needs to be entered in English
முகவரி வரி 2 (தமிழில் மட்டும்)2nd Part of Family Head address needs to be entered in Tamil
Address Line 3Part 3 of address needs to be entered, if you filled in 2nd part, ignore this part.
முகவரி வரி 3 (தமிழில் மட்டும்)Part 3 address of the Family head in Tamil
Family Head PhotoPhoto of the Family Head needs to be uploaded in this column

Contact and other Details

In this column, you had to enter the below details which consist of District, Taluk and contact details.

Contact and other Details
DistrictSelect the District from the drop-down in this column, so kindly fill it accordingly
TalukTaluk details of your place need to be selected
VillageSelect the Village details of your Livingood
PincodeEnter your Area Pincode in this column
Mobile NumberMobile Number should be entered in this column
Landline NumberIf you had any Landline Number, you can enter the same in this column
Email AddressEnter your personal Email Address in this column

Details of Family Members

Follow the below image and fill the Family Member details as per the instructions in the below image.

How to Apply for Ration/Smart Card Online in Tamil Nadu

As per the above-shown image, you had to add the Family Members as per your choice and the card option and other things need to fill.

  • Card Option – Choose the Card Option, whether you have to avail the commodity listed are Sugar/Rice etc.,
  • Proof of Residence – Attach the Proof such as Aadhaar, Electricity bill, Voter ID which consists of Address details.
  • Details of Gas connection – Check the Box if you had Gas connection in your House otherwise leave it blank.
  • Declaration – Read the declaration which is provided and submit the Application finally for the further proceedings.

Status of the Application

Once you submit the application, it will be validated by the Government officials and you can track the status of your application below

<<Smart Card Application Status>>

As per the above image, Enter the Reference Number and click on Submit to view the status of your Smart Card.

Once the application is approved by the officials, you can download the Soft copy of the Smart card and also you will receive the Card physically.

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This is the topic which includes on “How to Apply for Ration/Smart Card Online in Tamil Nadu” which is a complete online process.

Kindly share this article with your Friends and Family to get benefits of the online facility by Government.

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