How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu

In this topic, we are going to see on the procedure to “How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu” which is mandatory for any Vehicles to move on the road.

Due to the Lockdown and 144 in place at TamilNadu due to the reason COVID 19, Many people were struggling to get to their Hometown.

And the people who required to visit their Family urgent also struggling due to this rule.

How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu

What is Vehicle Pass?

Vehicle Pass is nothing but an approved vehicle that can pass through a certain area where people can travel for emergencies and their needs.

And this is mandatory nowadays to travel outside inroads due to the lockdown in the country.

This shall be officially provided by Government after validating your requirement and only emergency needs can be approved and not all the requirements will be accepted.

How to Apply for Pass

To Apply for Individual/vehicle Pass in this COVID 19 Situation in TamilNadu, first visit the following link:

<<COVID 19 Individual Pass >>

Once you click on the above link, you will be redirected to the below page to fill up the required details.

Applicant Details

Application form will contain the details which need to be filled and that includes the Applicant details as per the page below so fill the details carefully without any mistakes.

How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu

As per above page, following details need to be filled in the application.

  • Full Name of the Applicant
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • E-Mail
  • Type of Applicant

Applicant Address Details

Once you had filled the Applicant details, the address of the applicant as per the below page should be verified.

How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu

And following are the requested details in Address column:

House No/Bylane No/Street NameEnter your House No in this column
DistrictChoose your District from the droepdown
Police StationEnter the Nearby Police Station details
Pin CodeEnter your Area Pincode in this Column
Landmark/LocalityLandmark of your area should be filled in this column
TehsilYou can enter the taluk under which your area comes in.
Post OfficeEnter your Post Office Details in this Column

Pass Details

In this Section, you have to fill the details as per your requirement like which area and why you are traveling to the area and the number of people because this will get a clear cut about your address.

How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu

Pass Details contain the above-requested details and their procedures are mentioned in the table below

Vehicle Registration No.Enter your Vehicle Registration No. in this column because which is mandatory
Vehicle TypeChoose your Vehicle Type either Two/4/Heavy Vehicle so the Government will know about your requirement
Journey TypeIn this column choose whether you required a one-way trip/Round Trip because if you like to return it can be mentioned in a single application.
Purpose of TravelYou have to choose the Purpose, so the options include “Medical, Government Duty, Collection of Groceries, Death or Marriage/Other Essentials
Pass from DateChoose the Date on which you require to pass
Pass to DateChoose the Date when you are going to Pass to the Source in this column so this will be printed
From (Source of Route) Source of Route should be entered on which way you are going to travel because the date will be mentioned in the application form
To (Destination of Route) In this Column, Destination of the Route Should be entered as per your route details because this will give an idea about your Route for Government
Remarks (Reason justifying travel) You have to enter the reason for traveling to the required destination and proper justification needs to be given so the Government will allow based on that.

Members Travelling

In this section, you have to enter the details of the Persons who required to travel and their details because this is a mandatory column for the application

Members Travelling

  • Name — Enter the Person Name
  • Age —- Age of the Person Need to be entered
  • Mobile Number —- Mobile Number of the person need to be entered in this column

And you can add the several person details by adding a plus icon on the page So add the persons which you required to travel along with you.


After filling the Applicant related details, you have to comply with the below agreement and declare your self and need to submit the form for further proceedings.


Once you click on Submit, the application will be sent for the validation to the concerned officer of your district and the Vehicle pass will be provided as per the requirement.

Apply for vehicle pass online does not require to visit any location physically or required to meet anyone, So kindly make use of this online facility.

Note: Not all the applications will be approved, only which are required in an emergency situation will be considered and approved, so kindly apply only for Emergency requirement

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This is the Topic which involves “How to Apply for Vehicle Pass Online During Lockdown in TamilNadu”

Kindly share this with your Family and Friends to know about the procedures which may be required during an emergency and urgent needs.

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