How to Buy Fastag Online, Free Paytm Fastag, SBI Fastag

In this topic, we are going to see how to buy Fastag online free and why it is expected for all the vehicle owners.

Do you know? Fastag is compulsory for all the vehicles now and no vehicle can cross tollgate without Fastag from this year. How to buy Fastag online without visiting anywhere is the main objective of this topic.

How to Buy Fastag Online, Free Paytm Fastag, SBI Fastag

What is Fastag?

Fastag is nothing but an RFID Sticker that contains our vehicle details in it, this stores all our Vehicle information and can be viewable when scanning with the RFID reader.

Fastag is good because when you use it more often, it will reduce the money leakage for the Tollgate vendors in paying more amount. Because most of the people paying large amounts on it.

Why Fastag is Compulsory?

NHAI – What is NHAI? National Highway Authority of India is keen to make cash as electronic in all the roadways because it will reduce the burden for the government to monitor the cash flow.

When People pay their toll amount via cash, it will become difficult for the government to check on the proper amount of collection so it will be convenient for them to check via electronic transfers.

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How Fastag works?

Fastag works through RFID = Radio Frequency Identity, This RFID Sticker on the front glass of the car will get scan through RFID Reader laced at the Tollgates.

And Once it reads the RFID Sticker, it will process the amount to be collected and charged directly from the wallet amount of Fastag.

Sufficient amount needs to be available at the Fastag, so it will work and the amount will get auto-debited from the wallet and you can recharge the Wallet regularly using Netbanking and other payment modes.

Is Fastag free?

No, this Fastag costs around Rs.400 with a security deposit amount of Rs.250 and wallet amount of Rs.150. And this can be obtained from a lot of banking websites online.

Total Amount breakup of Fastag

Security Deposit AmountRs.250
Wallet AmountRs.150

Use of Fastag

Fastag can be used in many ways because one needs not to wait in a long queue to pay the toll amount via cash and cross the toll with ease using the electronic payment through Fastag.

People who don’t have Fastag also have an option to pay via cash but this will be double charge from now. If you want to Pay Rs.50 for a normal entry then you had to Pay Rs.100 if you paying via cash.

Where can you get the Fastag?

Many Banking websites were selling the Fastag so it can be easy for one to buy it online. Banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, PAYTM are top and best sellers of the Fastag.

These banking websites also provide a lot of cashback offers and we can choose to get the Fastag from any of these banks. And the security deposit amount collected from all the banking websites.

Do you know? Paytm sold the largest amount of Fastag for vehicles since November 2019 with a good record. Many People bought this from Paytm and it was trending in their website

Here we would like to list out some of the banking websites which are selling this Fastag on their website which will be convenient for our people to buy from home.

Paytm Fastag with Free Movie Ticket worth Rs.150

Paytm Fastag -
Paytm Fastag

How to Buy Fastag from Paytm:

To buy a Fastag from Paytm head to the website by clicking here

The website will look like the below image mentioned. In that, you could see the total price is Rs.500 because recently the tag price also costs Rs.100 additionally where it includes Security deposit and Balance amount in the wallet.

As per the above image, we could see tag costs Rs.500 with the amount of security deposit, tag price, and Minimum balance to maintain. An amount of Rs.150 should be maintained minimum in the Fastag account compulsory.

When you purchase Fastag from Paytm. So you will get an offer worth Rs.150 as a Movie voucher at the Paytm website to book for movie tickets. Because of this offer, the effective price of the tag would be Rs.350 and the balance amount Rs.150.

To Buy Fastag, you need to know the vehicle number, softcopy of your vehicle registration book which needs to be uploaded on the website for verification. If you are a Paytm KYC customer then you will not be required to fill additional details.

Once you place the order at Paytm, you will receive the Fastag via courier in which you would receive an RFID sticker and need to paste at car front glass at the center.

HDFC Fastag with 2.5% cashback for lifetime

HDFC bank also offers Fastag at their website so you can fill the required details like Vehicle Number and other details and place the order. And One does no requires HDFC bank account to purchase the Fastag,

A separate Fastag account will be created for the users because who are buying the Fastag from this bank website not required account.

So one can log in with the account to recharge the Fastag account and also view the statement.

To buy Fastag from HDFC bank click here

HDFC Fastag

As per the above image, just create an account for the Fastag and share the details and you can then pay the amount online to get the Fastag via courier at your doorstep.

HDFC bank also offers 2.5% cashback for every transaction you made at Fastag purchased from its website. So it will be a cool feature for the Fastag customers.

SBI Fastag

SBI Fastag

Currently, SBI Fastag cannot be bought online and one needs to contact the agents/POC mentioned on their website. To look into their Fastag official website click here

But you can manage the Fastag account through the SBI website and it is a good feature. Recharging the account and checking the wallet statements and the vehicle details are easy.

ICICI Fastag

ICICI Fastag works the same as the HDFC bank, it had a separate website for the Fastag account management. And one can easily create a Fastag account on the bank website.

To open the Fastag and buy from ICIC bank click here

ICICI Fastag

The webpage looks like the above image. And the first you had to fill up the personal details like Name, DOB, Mobile Number, E-Mail, etc.,

Address and Vehicle details need to be in the second column and post that you had to verify all the details and amount need to be paid at last. Once the amount is paid you will receive Fastag in 3 to 4 days through courier.


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Above mentioned is the topic about How to Buy Fastag Online – Free Paytm Fastag, SBI Fastag.

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