How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online – Hypothecation Removal

We are going to discuss and share the procedure on How to cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online. And How the Hypothecation Removal procedure works during the online process.

Many People nowadays buy cars or Bike through Bank loans or through some financial companies. During this, one would see that there would be a seal in our RC book with the Financier or Bank name.

So this means, the vehicle is under the Financial company and one cannot sell or buy the vehicle without the particular company’s intervention.

How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online

What is NOC?

Do You know? NOC is a No Objection certificate that would contain the official approval statement mentioning that No objection would be made for the particular which included in NOC like cars, bikes, etc.,

NOC certificate mainly bought to cancel the Name of the vehicle which is bought with the loan from a particular company Bank.

Do you know the procedure in the RTO office for NOC cancellation? This article How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars and RTO Hypothecation Removal procedure.

Why NOC is Important?

NOC is important in the case of selling vehicles that are bought by us. If a person buys a car with the Loan amount provided by Bank then that vehicle would be under Bank with a seal on RC Book.

To cancel this one should pay all his dues related to the loan. Once it is all paid then we would receive a copy of NOC through courier mentioning that release of the vehicle from their name.

So once you got the Letter of NOC then you have to visit the RTO office to cancel the name on the RC book which is under Bank name.

Can You cancel the NOC Online?

Yes, you could be able to cancel the NOC online for a vehicle through the Vahan website. But However one should visit the RTO office once you had applied online.

Hypothecation Removal or NOC cancellation – Both are the same one and we request the people not to confuse this. We would see the process to cancel the NOC online in the following article.

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NOC Cancellation Procedure Online

First, you have to Visit the following Vahan service website by clicking here

The webpage will look like below and where an option to enter the vehicle registration number column is available. And you have to enter the VEHICLE Number and click on Proceed.

How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online

One could able to see the page below in which all the services which are available. The services are in below list

Pay Your Tax
Basic Services(Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, Hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination], Duplicate RC)
Apply for Fitness Renewal/Re-Apply After Fitness Being Failed
Application for No Objection certificate
Duplicate Fitness certificate
Renewal of Registration
Alteration of Vehicle
RC Particulars
Mobile Number update
Withdrawal of Application
Vahan Services Heavenmaster

And here we would like to see about Hypothecation removal or NOC cancellation online.

From the services, choose Basic Services(Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, Hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination], Duplicate RC) then it will request to enter the last 5 digits of Chasis Number.

After entering the details, the below page will open, where you need to Enter OTP by confirming the mobile number. This Mobile number can be anyone.

Vahan Services Mobile Verification Heavenmaster

Once you enter the OTP below page will open to choose the exact service you required. In this, you had to pick “Termination of Hypothecation” (this is the NOC removal)

Vahan Application Form

Note: Details need to accurate and should match the vehicle details which are registered in the database.

NOC / Hypothecation Removal Form

The below page will appear to verify the details shown in the image. In my Vehicle, I had already removed the Hypothecation, so My Hypothecation details are empty,

If you had the vehicle under some financial company then that company name would appear there.

How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online

On verifying all the details, click on proceed and pay the amount of Rs.225 where Application charge is Rs.200 and Service charge is Rs.25.

The amount can be paid online and a receipt should be in the form of hardcopy which needs to be submitted to the RTO office. This is the only online procedure on How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online.

Once you printed the receipt, you had to include the following documents.

NOC Copy and the Letter from the Financier or Bank, Original RC book, Copy of Insurance and Copy of Pollution certificate.

You had to carry the above document and along with the receipt of the application to the RTO office and the officer will collect the amount of Rs.50 to send the New RC book via post.

On the Removal of Hypothecation, it will receive you by post so the officer will collect the amount of Rs.50

Tracking the status of NOC Cancellation

The application status can be trackable using the Vahan website. TO track the application Application number is mandatory.

To track the application click on the following link: KNOW YOUR APPLICATION STATUS and the page will look like below where you have to enter the Application No.

And application number will show the result fo the process of the document and whom it is pending.

It will take at least 5 business days to process the request from the RTO end. Once it is over, you will receive a new RC copy over a courier.

Application Status Heaven Master


The above is the process on How to Cancel NOC for Bikes and Cars Online, RTO Hypothecation Removal, we will post on the procedure for other services related to Vahan in upcoming blogs.

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