How to Prevent Omicron Virus – Improving the Immunity Power

In this topic we are going to see “How to Prevent Corona Virus – Improving Immunity Power” and it is the main important topic for the day to day situation.

Coronavirus had been announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and this situation is dangerous for the people to overcome from the Virus.

Many countries have announced the lockdown due to his Virus and this shows how dangerous it can be in this situation.

How to Prevent Corona Virus - Improving the Immunity Power

Facts About Corona Virus

Here we are going to list out some facts about Corona virus.

  • Corona Virus Develops the symptom between Day 1 and Day 14 on Any Day
  • Fever, Cough, Head Ache, Vomit and Shortness of breath were the Symptoms of this Virus
  • The virus will not spread through the air, it will be spread only from person to person.
  • This Virus had been first reported in Wuhan, a village in China
  • Older People and Childrens should be taken good care of because they will be in the most dangerous situation due to the virus.

Older adults and people with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung ailments are more likely than younger.

Healthier people to experience serious symptoms of the illness caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ministry of Health and Family welfare official website list of the Case details of Corona, check out here: MoHFW Official

Immunity Power

Immunity power is nothing but an energy in the health that would help to fight against the disease in the body and this is the main important power for a Human Body.

And this Immunity can be present in every Human Body based on their intake of foods and fruits.

Prevention for Corona

As per the World Health Organization, still there are no medicines identified for this Virus.

So people need to take care of themselves and increase their immunity power to overcome this situation.

Foods which would increase the immunity power are Orange, Carrot, Strawberry, Dark Chocolates, Egg and Mushroom.

Food Diet is necessary for the persons because this will help to improve the immunity power and other required elements.

What to do?

One Should follow all the Government procedure during the lockdown days and avoid roaming around outside during these days.

Use Mask while you are going out of your Home, Use Hand Sanitizers or Soap to wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 Seconds.

Stay in Home with your friends and Families and also advise your Neighbors and friends to avoid roaming outside.

Sleep Regularly, Excercise during these lockdown days is very important because when you are idle for a lot of time it will cause some problems in your body.

What not to do?

Avoid Smoking or drinking alcohol because this will cause the reduction of immunity power in your body.

And when the immunity power reduces it will be dangerous to fight against the disease and virus.

The main important thing is to keep your stress under control because stress will lead to issues in the body.

Avoid contact with the Persons who have symptoms and maintain social Distancing with every person.

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This is the topic which involves ” How to Prevent Corona Virus – Improving the Immunity Power”

Kindly share this article with your friends and family to prevent them from the Virus and to stay healthy.

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