How to Register CAN Number – CAN Registration, Modification Online

CAN registration and modification online will use the Aadhaar KYC which is a unique one for a Citizen in Tamil Nadu to avail online services on the TNeGA website.

CAN or Common Account Number registration and modification can be availed online for the TN Esevai services like Applying for Community, Income, and OBC Certificate Online.

How to Register CAN Number -CAN Registration, Modification

What is CAN Number

CAN is also called a Common Account Number for TamilNadu Citizen which is useful to have your KYC registered online with a unique number.

And this Unique Number will help to identify your personal details saved in the TN Esevai Database. So fill the Required fields carefully without any mistakes.

CAN Registration Online

CAN number can be Registered online without the need to visit for Taluk Office or Tn Esevai Store.

Before Registering CAN Number, you had to Sign Up in TNeGA website here: Register here

How to Register CAN Number - CAN Registration, Modification Online

As per above, you had to fill the following details

  • Full Name
  • District
  • Taluk
  • Mobile Number
  • E-Mail ID
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Login ID – This can be your personal choice for logging In
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Enter the Captcha

Some websites allows you to login with Facebook account but this website won’t and also don’t forget to check Facebook login page source code using html and css.

Then Click on Sign Up to register on the website, once Registered to TNeGA click on Login option: Click here for Login Page.

Once you click on Login, you will be redirected to below page with TN Onlne services

Choose the Revenue Department as per below

How to Register CAN Number - CAN Registration, Modification Online

Then Choose any Certificate You required to Apply as per below to move to the CAN registration page

You will be getting redirected to below Page to confirm by reading the instructions

Once you click on Proceed, you will get the below page to where you have to Enter your CAN Number

To Register for the CAN, number click on Register CAN

Once you click on the Register CAN, you will be redirected to the below Page to fill the required Details.

Applicant Detail

First, you have to fill the Applicant personal details for whom you trying to register the KYC and CAN Number.

As mentioned above, you required to fill the following details

Document Type 1This is default select as Aadhaar because it is a mandatory document for CAN
Document Type 2In this, you can Choose either Ration Card, Epic Number, PAN Number or Sri Lanka Ration Card
Aadhaar NumberYou had to Enter your 12 digits unique Aadhaar Number

விண்ணப்பதாரர் பெயர்
You have to fill your Name in the Tamil Language as well
GenderChoose your Gender
Marital StatusChoose your Marital Status either Married or Unmarried
Date of BirthChoose your Date of Birth
Relationship You have to Choose your Fathe, Mother or Guardian name for their details
Father/Husband/Guardian NameEnter either of your Father/Husband/Guardian names

தந்தை / கணவர் / பாதுகாவலர் / தாயின் பெயர்
Enter the name of your Father/Guardian in Tamil as well
Mother NameEnter your Mother Name
தாயின் பெயர் Enter Mother Name in Tamil
ReligionChoose your Religion
CommunityChoose your community as per your record
OccupationChoose your Occupation whether you are Government/Private/Self Employed
Education Qualification Choose your Education Qualifications

Current Address Details

Next to the Applicant detail, you had to fill the Address detail of yours as per the below

StateChoose your State, this will be a default select as Tamil Nadu
DistrictChoose your District in which you are living
TalukSelect your Taluk as per the dropdown box
Revenue VillageSelect the Village under which your Hometown is under it
Admin UnitChoose your local Municipality place near your Home Town.
Area or Ward No.You can Enter your Area Name or Enter the Ward No. which can be found in your Voter ID
Street NameYour Street Name should be entered here

தெரு பெயர் / எண் / குக்கிராமம்
Enter the Street Name in Tamil as well
Block No. / NameEnter your Block Number or Name of your Block
Door/Building No.Enter your Home Door No.
PincodeEnter your Area Pincode

After entering an address, you can able to the Present address page where you have to enter your Permanent address if it is different from the Current address

Otherwise, choose the tick mark the option”Permanent address is the same as the present Address.

Contact and Bank Details

In this column, you had to enter your Contact details and Generate the OTP to confirm your details.

Contact and Bank Details

Details which required to fill in Contact details are below

  • Phone/Landline No. – If you have one then Enter it otherwise leave it blank because it is not Mandatory.
  • Mobile Number – It is Mandatory field
  • Email ID – Enter your Email ID

Then click on Generate OTP and confirm your Mobile Number.

You also have a field for Bank Details that request you to enter bank Name, Account Number, Branch Name, and IFSC Code.

Bank Details are not mandatory fields, so you can leave them blank if you are not required.

Post filling all the details, click on Register to get a Unique CAN ID as a KYC.

Once CAN ID is registered, you can search your CAN Details with the ID or Number or Email to view the details as below and Generate the OTP button to verify the details.

How to Register CAN Number - CAN Registration, Modification Online

You can use this CAN ID to avail online services on TNeGA or TN Esevai website without any issues.

CAN Modification

Once you generate the OTP you can also edit the details by choosing the CAN you request to edit and the below page will occur to edit or modify the details.

CAN Modification

Click on Edit CAN Detail

Once you click on Edit CAN detail, then you will get redirected to the Page same as CAN registration and modification online where you can edit the details you required like Applicant, Address and Contact Details.

You can generate the OTP and confirm it to save the modified details to your CAN Number.

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This is the process involved in CAN Number online Registration and Modification to avail the TnEGA and TN Esevai services.

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Post your comments if you had any clarifications regarding CAN registration or any other online services.

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  1. When i apply TNeGA website for OBC asking CAN registration. I have tried but get the error message is “Can already register with Aadhaar Number:

  2. CAN number Register Error ” *Please enter valid Appellation according to age* ” . Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    • Check Appellation
      i think
      Above age18 – thiru/thirumathi
      and Below 18 Age – Selvan/ Selvi
      i tried selvan same error *Please enter valid Appellation according to age* Camed, then i changed to THIRU now its works.

  3. ஐயா நான் Tnega பதிவு செய்து username password கொடுத்து உள்ளே சென்று வருவாய் துறையை தேர்ந்தெடுத்தேன் வருவாய் துறை க்ளிக் ஆகவில்லை என்ன செய்வதுcRamesh

  4. How to change name in CAN number already registered by using edit option name can’t able to change give me a solution plz…

  5. I have not registered can number. So that I start registering can number but it is showing that ” can number already registered with another aadhar number”. I need to know how it is possible. During school and college days I have applied through govt esevai maiyam . I need to know that whether they create can number for me and how do I get the number.

  6. I have not registered can number. So that I start registering can number but it is showing that ” can number already registered with another aadhar number”. I need to know how it is possible.


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