India’s Top Most Vacation Places – Most Visit Places (2020)

We would like to list India’s topmost vacation places which are the topmost visit places. These Visiting places would do wonder for the people.

Below are the Top Most Vacation Places which one should Visit in their Lifetime.

India's Top Most Vacation Places

1) Tajmahal

Tajmahal is one of the most features and top Visit places in India. This is because most of the Indian’s loves the structure of the Building.

It also one of the 7 wonders in the world. One should definitely Visit this Place in a lifetime and should never miss out on this. It is located in Delhi Agra.

Location Details: Tajmahal

2) Ooty

Ooty is one of the vacation places located in the south part of India in TamilNadu.

TamilNadu is one of the best states in India to Visit for the Most lovable vacation with a lot of locations.

And Ooty comes as the best part of Vacation hill place.

Ooty is the coolest place in India to visit and one should visit it definitely. So it is considered India’s topmost vacation place.

Location Details: Ooty

3) Valparai

Valparai is also located at Southern Indian State between the border of Kerala and TamilNadu.This is one of the coolest places. One should definitely visit the below places.

Monkey Falls also can be seen when you were traveling to this location if you Visit Valparai, you can Visit Chozaiyar dam, Neerar Anai, Nedimudi View Point

Above are some of the places you should visit when you go to Valparai. You can also travel to Athirapally Falls in the travel route of Chozaiyar Dam from Valparai.

Location Details: Valparai

Note: Valparai had 40 Hair Pin bends and this will be shown in every bend of you crossover on the way to the hill.

Valparai is also Known for the Tiger Reserve for in TamilNadu and most of the Wild Elephants can be seen on the way.

4) Kodaikanal

It is located in Southern India TamilNadu.This is also one of the coolest places in India which is good to visit in Southern India.

It is above 2000 meters from the sea level. One should visit this good place for vacation definitely when they visit this location

Location Details: Kodaikanal

When you view the top of the hill, you can able to view the beauty of Palani Temple.

And Mostly at the Night-Time, it will be glittering as gold from Top view.

5) Wayanad

Wayanad is located at Kerala State and it is one of the topmost vacation places and most visit place in India.

Most popular hill in South India in  Kerala location. This location place is good for traveling with your family.

There would be a lot of Family and friends tourists in this location who mostly visit this location.

Location Details: Wayanad Kerala

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Above mentioned are some of India’s topmost Vacation places / Most visit places in India.

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