TN Patta Chitta Download Online – Tamil Nadu Online Services

In this Topic, we are going to see on “TN Patta Chitta Download Online – Tamil Nadu Online Services” which is useful for the People of Tamilnadu.

Patta Chitta can be useful for the Farmers to know the Hector/Acre of the land which is owned by the individual people.

Patta Chitta online services provides the step by step process to download the document online without visiting anywhere.

TN Patta Chitta Download Online - Tamil Nadu Online Services

What is Patta Chitta?

Patta Chitta is a document/proof which contains the owner of the Specific land which is owned by the people.

And this online document will contain the Name of the person, Total land value and the history of land owners which comes on the Column Number.

Patta Chitta is Used for?

Patta Chitta is used at several times when a person required to prove their total value of Land.

And some of the documents like OBC required the Patta Chiita as mandatory when you owns the land.

How to get Patta Chitta Online

First visit the following link to go to the official website of the Patta Chitta Online

Once you visit the above link, it will request the details which are mentioned in the image below.

How to get Patta Chitta Online

Choose the District from the dropdown box and also choose the Area Type and click on Submit.

Once you click on Submit, it will redirect to the below page to enter the additional details required.

  • Taluk – Choose the Taluk from the Dropdown as per the District which you selected
  • Village – Choose the Village also from the available dropdown
  • View Patta/Chitta Using – You have to enter either Patta Number/Survey number int his field to proceed on it.
  • Patta Number – If you select Patta Number, then you had to enter the Number in this field
  • Enter Authentication Code – Enter the Authentication Code which as per the image and click on Submit

Once you click on Submit, a new tab will be open which will download the Patta Chitta for the Number entered by you.

How Useful this Online Facility?

This online facility to download the Patta Chitta helps one to prevent visiting to some shops or E- Sevai Stores which will cost money.

And also it helps to save the document as softcopy in your devices like Mobile/PC for your reference .

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the Cost of the Patta Chitta Document?

Patta Chitta Document is totally free of cost and it does not require any money to be paid.

How Long it takes to get the Patta Chitta online?

You can get the document in 10 minutes using this official online portal of government.

Does this Document requires any Approval?

No, If the land in your Name then it will help you to use as proof of the document.

What is Patta/Survey Number?

Patta Number is a unique one for the land and Survey Number which includes Sub Division Number of your Land.

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  1. Practically things are not so simple as it is explained here. In the Land Records E-Service page, to see the patta details, after I selected District, Taluk and Village from the drop down lists , to view Patta details I enter ‘survey number’; then sub-Division number is supposed to be selected from a drop down list. But unfortunately this list does not appear at all. I got stuck up at this stage….I may kindly be given clarification and guidance as ultimately my aim is to get Patta issued for the ground I had purchased, through this portal itself.
    K.V.Ramadoss, formerly Senior Technical Director , N.I.C. (now retired) mobile : 9840355881, E-mail :


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