How to Pay Post Office Insurance (RD) Premium Online – RPLI and PLI

How to Pay Post Office Premium Online – RPLI and PLI?

Now you can Pay Post office (RD) premium online through the post office website and also you can Manage the Profile and other details. Also, you can purchase a policy online.

Here we would mention the process on How to manage the Post office Insurance account online. Because most of the people will not able to visit the post office every month to the premium amount.

So the Online Process helps to manage the account details easily from Home. You should have registered your E-Mail and Mobile Number in the Post office insurance account to manage the account online.

How to Pay Post Office Insurance (RD) Premium Online

What is Post Office RD (Insurance)

Post office RD is recurring Deposit insurance where you would have a lot of premium packages that will help your future to be insured.

RD account had a different type of premium options and also useful for our future. So we would like to recommend to look at their offers and plans on Insurance and get benefits.

How to Register for Post Office RD (Insurance)

One can visit the nearby post office in your rural or urban areas and can enquire about the features of insurance in the RPLI and PLI Post office Insurance.

What are RPLI and PLI?

RPLI is a Rural Post office Life Insurance and PLI is Postal Life insurance which is for urban people.

You can also Buy Post office Insurance online by visiting their official website here: Purchase a Post Office Insurance Policy

Purchasing a Policy Online

We could like to show the online process to purchase a policy here, you can make use of it.

Once you visit the following link: Purchase a Post Office Insurance Policy below page will open

Purchasing a Policy Online

As per the above page, you should fill the following details:

NameName of the Person in which you required to purchase the policy
Date of BirthYour Date of birth as per the ID Proof
GenderSelect your Gender
Product TypeThere will be two options ” RPLI and PLI” where PLI is for urban customers and RPLI is for Rural Customers. Once the Product type is selected then it will request to choose Product Name where there will be a lot of schemes, you can choose the scheme you required based on your requirement.
Sum AssuredSum Assured would be How Many in RS.**** you would like to receive at the end of the maturity period
E-Mail AddressProvide your Correct E-Mail address
Mobile NumberProvide your Mobile Number
Pin CodePin code of your Village or Urban city
Monthly IncomeMention your monthly income as per the dropdown box
Monthly ExpenditureMonthly Expenditure would be your monthly amount of Expenses
StateMention your State

After filling all the details click on “Get Quote” to get the premium quote of Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly for the sum assured you selected.

Verifying the Policy Quotation

Get Quote Page will look like below:

Note: I had chosen Sum assured Rs.500000 and Product type as RPLI

Quote Page

You can see the above page where you got the quote result with the premium amount for Monthly/Quarterly/Halfyearly/Annual basis.

You can also choose the see Ceasing age on when your insurance gets matured. As per the Annual Quote I had to pay the number of Rs.9175 every year for 20 years as per my plan.

The total amount which should I pay for 20 years as per calculation is Rs.183,500 but I will get the amount of Rs.500,000 at the end of Maturity which is double the amount.

There is also list f documents required for the Policy Insurance which you should note and had to submit while purchasing a policy. Uploading of Purchase policy is not allowed currently on the website.

One Should reach the post office with the Proposal Number generated at the end of the webpage.

Below are those documents:

  • 1.Age Proof
  • 2.Address Proof
  • 3.Identity Proof
  • 4.Declaration of Medical Examiner
  • 5. Declaration in case the proposer is illiterate
  • 6.Certificate by DO/FO(PLI)/AGENT
  • 7.Confidential report – Certificate by SDI/ASP

After verifying the details click on Proceed to buy then you should select your Head Post Office location and click on ok to get the below page to create a Customer ID and make the purchase.

Registering for Customer ID in Post office Insurance

How to Pay Post Office Insurance (RD) Premium Online - RPLI and PLI

The above documents show some additional fields that need to be filled, so you have to fill those and submit them to get the proposal number.

Once submitted, you will get the below acknowledgment with the proposal number.

This Acknowledgement number which contains proposal number needs to be submitted along with your requested documents at the nearby post office.

proposal number

This copy of the Acknowledgment mentioned with Proposal Number needs to be submitted to the nearest post office along with the address proofs and other documents that are requested.

Paying the Policy Premium Online (RD Premium)

Paying the Post office Insurance premium is easy, just visit the following link: Pay the Policy Premium

Main Objective of the post to know on “How to Pay Post Office Insurance Premium Online

Once you visit the above link, the page will look like below

How to Pay Post Office Insurance (RD) Premium Online

Login Page will look like the above where you have to enter your customer ID, Password and the captcha to get Log in to your account.

If you do not have a Customer ID, you can click on Generate customer ID and fill the required details to get the unique Customer ID for your account.

Note: to generate the customer ID, you should have registered your E=mail and Mobile Number in the Policy account because it is mandatory to get the Customer ID over mail and Mobile Number.

After Logging into the Account, your page will look like below where you had to select the “Payments” option

After Selecting the Payment option, choose the policy for which you have to pay the premium

And the below page will appear to verify the details and amount required to be paid for the premium, you can also choose for the number of Months/years which you have to pay the premium according to your convenience.

Payment Confirmation of Your Insurance

Payment Confirmation

Click on “Confirm Payment” then you will be redirected to the Bank Website where you can the premium using your ATM/Debit card or UPI option.

Once you had paid the amount you will receive an acknowledgment mail with the payment confirmation for the due of your insurance.

So you can save the acknowledgment pdf file with hardcopy or softcopy for your future reference.

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