Top Twitter India Trending topics Today (19th January 2020)

Hello Guys, Welcome to Heaven Master. Today we are going to see the top Twitter India trends today. Top Twitter India Trending topics Today (19th January 2020)

Most of the Guys will be using Twitter nowadays and we would be crossing over the “Trending” page

This is most talk/tweeted trending topic which would be mentioned and highlighted. So we are updating the most trending topics on Twitter today in India.

We are listing the Trending topics based on the position of trending in the below:

Top Twitter India Trending
Top Twitter India Trending

Trending in Twitter India

1) #ChartbusterSid

ChartbusterSid is trending with 3million tweets in Twitter India currently in 1st position.

Why it is trending:

Sidharth Shukla is a BiggBoss13 contestant in Hindi. And he is trending because of his acting skills and his entertainment inside the house.

Viewers were mad about Sidharth and showing their love towards their favorite contestants by tweeting his name on Twitter mostly.

2) #ShabanaAzmi

Shabana Azmi was Hindi Old Actress who is in trend with most tweets in Twitter India today with position #2

Why it is Trending:

Shabana is trending because of people tweeting her name mostly since she had met with a car accident today(18th January 2020). And admitted to the hospital with a serious injury.

And most of the people mentioning her name to pray and to wish for a speedy recovery. So this is trending in twitter India.


TRPHunterVISWASAMOnSunTv is trending on twitter with the highest tweets by thala fans and people and trending at 3rd Position in twitter India.

Why it is trending:

Viswasam Movie which was released on 2019 Pongal with most positive reviews Starring Thala Ajith and Lady Superstar Nayanthara is telecasting now on Sun Tv.

So People who are watching in Small Screens now tweeting about the Movie and they mentioning that this will be a Huge TRP booster for Sun Tv.

So Thala fans and Cinema fans sharing their love towards the movie and Thala Ajith by mentioning the name with a load of tweets.

4) #PrimeEarlyDeals

PrimeEarlyDays is trending with topmost tweets in Twitter India with number 4 positions where people tweeting about it mostly.

Why it is trending:

This is trending because Amazon had announced a Republic Day special sale from 19th January 2020.

And Amazon Prime members who had Membership with Amazon had an early sale for the Republic Day sale from Today (18th January 2020) noon 12 PM.

So most of the member’s tweets about to mention that there is a lot of discount for many products which are in Live Sale in the App/Website of Amazon.

You can also look for favorite products where there will be a huge discount.

And also people who don’t have Amazon Prime Membership don’t need to worry because the sale will be Live on (19th January 2020) for all members which are Top Twitter India Trends Today

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5) “Mumbai-Pune Expressway”

Mumbai Pune Expressway is in trend with most tweets on Twitter India on the 5th Position with a lot of tweets from the Public.

Why it is Trending:

This topic is in trend because the Actress Shabana Azmi who met with a car accident happens at the Mumbai Pune Expressway road.

So the place where the actress met with an accident is talk of most people in social media. So it creates an impact on twitter with a lot of tweets.

Actress Shabana’s Husband who is traveling in the same car also met with an accident and admitted to the hospital along with an actress.

“We Heaven Master team is praying for the Speedy Recovery of the Actress

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These are the top 5 Tweets which are top Twitter India trends today. you can view all the trending topics in this blog.

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