How to Apply Unmarried Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

In this topic, we are going to see “How to Apply Unmarried Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu” which will help the people to officially prove as unmarried.

This Society requires some proof for the Unmarried persons in which this certificate can be applied online.

How to Apply Unmarried Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

What is Unmarried Certificate?

Unmarried Certificate is the official proof for a person mentioning hat he is unmarried in the society.

This proof can be used for the person to avail several benefits from the Government for the unmarried and also will act as a proof for his own benefits.

Apply for Unmarried Certificate

To Apply for Unmarried Certificate, First visit the following official link: TNeSevai Login

Once you visit the above link, you will be forwarded to the below page to log in with the TNeSevai details.

If you are a First time user, check out the following link for Registration procedure – How to Register CAN Number – CAN Registration, Modification Online

How to Apply Unmarried Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

Once you log in with the details, you will be redirected to the following page with the services available on the website where you should choose “Revenue Department”

How to Apply Unmarried Certificate Online in Tamil Nadu

Revenue Department will redirect to the list of Revenue service details available in which choose ” REV-120 Unmarried Certificate”

Service List Details

Procedure page will show up once you click on the Unmarried Certificate from the list and the procedures were given below

Application Procedure

Supporting Documents

1. Photo

2. Any Address Proof

3. Age Proof

4. Self-Declaration of Applicant

5. Other Documents

Application Fees

Application fees cost Rs.60 for the certificate and this amount can be paid through online using Netbanking or through Debit Card details.

Once you read the instruction details, click on Proceed for the Next page where CAN details were required.

Application Fees

Enter you CAN number details and click on search and confirm through OTP validation.

Application form for Unmarried Certificate

Application form will contain the below required details, so kindly check and fill the details carefully.

Application form for Unmarried Certificate

AppellationChoose the Appellation this column for your name
Applicant NameEnter the Name of the Applicant in this column
Applicant Name in TamilYou have to enter the Applicant Name in Tamil in this column
RelationshipSelect the relationship of the person details
Father NameOnce you select the relationship type, you have to enter the person name
Father Name in TamilEnter your Father Name in Tamil in this column
Mother’s NameEnter your Mother’s Name in this column
Mother’s Name in TamilYou have to enter your Mother Name in Tamil in this column
GenderEnter the Gender details in this column
Date of BirthEnter your DOB int his column
StateSelect or verify your State
District Enter the District which you belongs to
TalukTaluk of your Hometown
Revenue VillageRevenue Village details in this column
Street NameEnter the Street Name which you belongs to
Street Name in TamilEnter the Street Name details in Tamil
Building/Door No.Enter the Flat, Door No, or Building No.
PincodeEnter the Pin code Details in this column
Permanent AddressPermanent Address details will be automatically triggered by the CAN details
Phone No/Landline No.Enter your Phone Number Details in this column
Mobile NumberEnter the Mobile Number
Email IDEnter the Email ID of your own

Once you enter or Verify all the above details, click on the Submit button to proceed to the next page.

Document Details

In this page you have to upload the required documents for the certificate as per below image.

Document Details

As per above the list of Documents required were Photo, Address Proof, Age Proof, Self Declaration of Applicant and other Documents.

Then download the Self- Declaration form and sign the document and upload the same in documents column for the signature verification.

Supported files types : pdf,jpeg,jpg,gif,png
size of document: 200 KB
Maximum photo Size: 50 KB

Once you upload the documents, make the payment of Rs.60 online through Netbanking/debit card, and download the Acknowledgment form.

It will contain the Application number details which will be used to track the application and download the certificate.

Download Unmarried Certificate

This certificate can be download from online through the following link: Download the Certificate

Download Unmarried Certificate

Enter the Application Number and click on “Fetch” to view the status of your application and download the certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much the cost of Application?

Application cost Rs.60 and there are no other charges

Did we required to visit Taluk Office?

No you don’t require to visit the Taluk office or VAO office to get the certificate, this is a complete online facility.

Can we download a Certificate online?

Yes, you can download the Certificate online

How Many days will it take to provide the Certificate?

It will take up to 1 week for the process of your Application which will go several Approvals

What to do if the Application is rejected?

You will receive a message in your Mobile Number and you can go the returned application in the TnEsevai portal.

And can reapply for the application making the changes according to the comments stated in a rejected application.

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And also comment if you had any queries in availing certificate through an online portal where I will respond to your comments.

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  1. Useless government officials nothing happens through online. . Applied and waiting for unmarried certificate more than 90 days…. Escalated to CM cell waiting for more than 30 days . loss of 60 rupee more than that my quality time with govenment office lazy officials


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